REVENGE REPORT: Cavill Wants To Tell A ‘Whole Bunch’ of Superman Stories, The Latest Contract Rumors, and McQuarrie?

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Something I’ve been talking about on the El Fanboy Podcast since last November, and that I’ve written about a couple of times here on Revenge of The Fans, is that Warner Bros. is very high on Henry Cavill as Superman. In fact, they were so pleased with his portrayal in the theatrical cut of Justice League and the way test audiences took to him, that they were preparing to fast-track a Superman sequel had JL been a runaway hit.

But, alas, that didn’t happen.

Thankfully, the studio knows that the blame for how Justice League went down had zero to do with Cavill or Superman, so while they may have cooled their jets with regard to announcing something official about a sequel (which would’ve happened in January had things gone well), Warner Bros. still very much wants to be in the Cavill/Superman business. I’ve reported before that the studio wants him to make his presence felt in their upcoming Shazam! movie, and- if a recent rumor is to be believed- that would just be the start of his expanded role within the DCU.

According to Collider, the studio is so enamored with Cavill’s Superman that- aside from sequels- they want him to sign a deal that would include various appearances across several DC film projects. As has been noted in the past, Cavill only has one film left on his contact, and I’ve explained on my podcast how the negotiations have been somewhat complicated. If Collider’s sources are to be trusted, this could explain exactly what the hold-up is.

In recent months, while trying to make sense of what the two sides want, I’ve speculated that it could be something as simple as money- With Cavill wanting a hefty raise to stay on and the studio wanting to see how his sequel does before ponying up the cash. But it now sounds like it could have more to do with the number of appearances the studio wants.

Here’s precisely what Collider’s sources claim:

“The rumor I heard was they wanted to make Superman the glue that ties all the DC movies together, which would feature the iconic character making small, but memorable, appearances in all the movies sort of like the way Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury pops up in most of the Marvel movies.”

It’s an interesting concept, and I must admit that I’m onboard if it’s the case. Since the studio is keen to keep the shared universe concept going, and Superman is the kind of character who can pop up anywhere at any time, it makes sense to embrace his role in the universe.

Thankfully, it sounds like Cavill is quite open to that idea, as he recently gushed to the same fellow who wrote that rumor that he has a lot of unfinished business he’d like to tend to as the Last Son of Krypton:

“I’m having a lot of conversations, behind-the-scenes, with certain people and we will hopefully be having conversations with other people who are also behind-the-scenes to make things start happening. It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell. There is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

This comes mere weeks after his manager, Dany Garcia posted this picture with Cavill on her twitter:

And it’s also a week after Cavill posted this on his Instagram:

While Cavill and Garcia are definitely talking about much more than just Superman, it’s very clear that they’re currently getting all of their ducks in a row to launch the actor’s future into the stratosphere. And how better to soar to such heights than by securing a profitable and satisfying future as the Man of Steel?

And what about this business with Christopher McQuarrie?

The director’s name has been popping up a lot lately. First there was the rumor of the studio’s interest in him for Green Lantern Corps, then there was the interest expressed by him (to one of our readers!) to discuss directing a Superman movie. And now the director is continuing to stoke those flames and is doubling down on being willing to talk it over with the studio. While chatting with, the director revealed that he and Cavill discussed Superman while filming Mission: Impossible- Fallout together:

“We had a lot of time hanging out on set, and Henry’s a huge fan of Superman. I can’t help but talk story to people, so he told me his take on Superman and I thought it was really great, and I gave him my two cents. The tweet you’re referring to is somebody asked ‘Would you do it?’ and I said ‘Hey, they know where to find me.’ Nobody’s asked, but you know…”

So there he is, once again basically challenging WB to pick up the phone and call him about this. As a fan, you’re probably wondering what the hold-up is. If I had to guess, it all comes down to their negotiations with Cavill, because there’s no sense in hiring a director to help relaunch a marquee character if the guy who plays him hasn’t signed a new deal yet.

Last month, after hearing that Matthew Vaughn was still being whispered about in the WB offices, I incorrectly assumed that meant that the Cavill discussions were finalized. Clearly, they’re not. So until Cavill’s camp and the WB brass iron out his deal, I wouldn’t expect any news on a director.

While that may frustrate you, because it’s been nearly five years since Man of Steel and we all just want to see him get a proper sequel already, here’s the good news:

  • Considering both sides are keen to keep this relationship going, you just know they’ll strike a deal
  • The fact that directors like Matthew Vaughn, Christopher McQuarrie, and J.A. Bayona have made public statements about their interest in directing a Superman sequel means that we can rest assured that the film will get a quality director, and that- despite some highly polarizing cinematic outings in recent- Superman is still a Holy Grail property


Something I said on recent El Fanboy that I’d like to include here is that things are definitely more put-together behind-the-scenes than Cavill’s public comments imply. How do I know this? Because a few WB employees have laid eyes on visual designs for updates to Superman’s suit- and designers wouldn’t be working on that if there weren’t already a Superman appearance set to occur. My gut tells me they’re for his Shazam! cameo, but who knows?

As for what these updates are? It seems like they’re just weighing different options. There’s a variation that looks a little less alien, which does away with the metallic under-suit. There’s also one that places more emphasis on the belt area, and looks more like the Rebirth suit.

So they’re weighing their options over there, and figuring out exactly how they want the Man of Steel to look in future appearances. There’s no telling which way they’re going to go, but it’s refreshing to know that there’s all this actual behind-the-scenes chatter going on right now about the King of Superheroes.

As a diehard Superman fanatic, I simply cannot wait for this gestation period to end and for the studio to come out with guns blazing with a huge announcement about the character’s cinematic future.

But okay, that’s enough out of me. I’ve got to run and record today’s El Fanboy. Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “REVENGE REPORT: Cavill Wants To Tell A ‘Whole Bunch’ of Superman Stories, The Latest Contract Rumors, and McQuarrie?

  1. I’m very interested in seeing whether WB can pull this off. Justice League’s failure was a loud and clear rejection of the DCEU as presently constructed. Even with Wonder Woman’s presence they stayed away in droves. Is WB foolish in thinking that they can just keep going straight ahead and that people will just come back if the movie is good? We’ll see with Aquaman, cause if that movie gets good reviews and people still stay away in droves then the DCEU is essentially done.

    I’d wait for Aquaman and Shazam come out before shooting Flash and Superman but that’s just me. I still think this whole thing could blow up in their faces come December strictly based on general audience indifference.

  2. Sounds like good news to me! The more we get of Cavill’s Superman, the better in my opinion. He’s outstanding in the role! I’m so excited about the Man of Steel sequel! In terms of McQuarrie, Vaughn, or Bayona potentially directing, I’ve surprisingly seen none of any of those three directors’ films, so I have no opinion one way or another on any of them. My top choice would be for Zack Snyder to return, but I understand that’s very unlikely to happen. My second choice is Steven S. DeKnight, though! He did phenomenal work with the character on Smallville, and he has praised Snyder’s take on Superman in the past, making me think he’d be a great choice to hand the reigns to. As for the potential changes to Superman’s suit, I love the way it looks now, but I wouldn’t be against change as long as it still looks great!

    1. Interesting. I wasn’t aware he worked on Smallville. Adored his work in Season 1 of Daredevil and the Spartacus series on Starz. But considering what a huge bomb his Pacific Rim sequel just was, I doubt he’s on the studio’s radar. Shame. I think he’ll be a great filmmaker one day.

      1. Indeed! DeKnight wrote or co-wrote 15 episodes of Smallville and also directed two of those. Two of his 15 episodes (including one of the two which he directed) are in my top five favorite episodes of all of Smallville! I agree with you about how phenomenal his work on Daredevil was as well! I haven’t seen Spartacus. I also have yet to see Pacific Rim Uprising, although it looks awesome, and I’m really excited to watch it when it comes out on digital! I enjoyed the first one a lot. I’m not sure Pacific Rim Uprising will necessarily turn WB off to DeKnight, though. They hired Ava DuVernay for New Gods despite A Wrinkle in Time being a critical and financial disappointment.

      2. DeKnight won’t be directing Superman (nor will Snyder) and DuVernay was hired before Wrinkle in Time bombed.

      3. Wrinke in Time was blah property and IP. Nothing compared to what New Gods can be.

      4. The news about DuVernay directing New Gods broke three weeks after A Wrinkle in Time came out. I suppose she could’ve signed on prior to that and we just hadn’t heard about it yet, but we don’t know.

      5. She was negotiating for a little while before that. That’s how it always goes, it’s never an instantaneous thing.

      6. No, but it WAS before, and those things are NEVER instantaneous.

      7. I’m saying that you’re right that she presumably started negotiating prior to the news breaking. What I’m saying is that we don’t know HOW far in advance of the news breaking she was negotiating. We don’t know whether it was more than three weeks prior (which is when A Wrinkle in Time came out). Plus, even if they started negotiating before A Wrinkle in Time bombed, WB could’ve backed out if they were worried about that. They didn’t.

      8. It would have been quite awhile. Long enough to know she’s who they want. End of story.

  3. I really want Henry Cavill to be Superman again. The directors you mentioned are very good choices but I would love if Steven Spielberg to have a crack at directing the movie. I think he can reenergize the character and the DCU in my opinion.

  4. I think there’s good things to come for Henry Cavill’s Superman.

    btw, Superman just got the red undies back in the comics. My guess is they’ll return in the future movies as well.

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