Here’s The Main Reason We’re Not Going To Get That SNYDER CUT of JUSTICE LEAGUE

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Look, there are a multitude of reasons we won’t be getting the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. There are the ones I’ve outlined before, and there’s also the major developments that became public knowledge in the last week, but there’s also one main underlying reason that few are talking about.

I spoke about it a bit on yesterday’s Anniversary Edition of the El Fanboy Podcast, but before I elaborate, let’s recap what we know so far:

  1. The Snyder Cut would require extra funding; Funding Warner Bros is simply unwilling to invest in an alternate cut of Justice League while it’s still waiting for the theatrical cut of the film to break even (which I’m hearing it may do once home video sales are tallied in a couple of months)
  2. Warner Bros. was so against releasing Snyder’s version of the film that they discretely fired him from the project earlier this year, which says a ton about why they’re not interested in throwing any more resources at his vision for the DCU- especially since they’re focusing on the future

But, in my eyes, the biggest reason we won’t get a Snyder Cut, despite my overwhelming curiosity to see it myself is:

3. General audiences aren’t demanding it; Only a subset of hardcore fans are, and they know these same fans will still show up for future DC films anyway

You can already see it if you look around. I know I have. A few days ago, murmurs hit the web that an Aquaman trailer may be fast approaching, and I instantly saw several staunch Snyder Cut supporters express their excitement for James Wan’s film. And that’s a beautiful thing. Why wouldn’t they be excited? Jason Momoa’s take on Arthur Curry is fresh and exciting, he was an inspired bit of Snyder Casting, and James Wan knows how to bring the goods. But that excitement is proof of why Warner Bros. sees no need to bend over backwards to appease the small, vocal group of fans who want a Snyder Cut released.

What’s in it for them? Seriously.

It’d be a completely different story if there was a huge public push for its release, or if there was a sense that the entire franchise would be doomed if they don’t. But that’s just not the case. General audiences, for the most part, liked the theatrical cut of Justice League– as evidenced by its above average Cinema Score and decent legs at the box office. And hardcore DC/Superhero Movie fans aren’t going to miss movies like AquamanShazam!Wonder Woman 2, and Flashpoint as long as they look cool.

Remember, it’s not like the film opened huge and then collapsed like a flan in a cupboard. If it had, that would mean general audiences hated the movie. But it opened so-so, and then stuck around for quite a while, which means it actually had decent word-of-mouth.

So there’s really no public outcry- or mandate- for the Snyder Cut.

There’s just a small- but incredibly passionate– group of fans who want it really badly; But many of whom will still show up in December for Aquaman anyway, and their social media posts prove that.

Tell me:

If you’re Warner Bros., and you’re seeing all of this (which they are), why would you bother releasing a cut of Justice League that’s just going to muddy the waters and risk tainting the next wave of films by giving audiences a “What If…?” scenario to ruminate on?

I’d love to know how you’d justify that.

And listen, I’m with you guys. I’d love to see it. I’ve been vocal about how interesting it would be to see what Zack had in mind. I think it’d be a fascinating experience to watch both cuts and compare them. I want to see it! But I’m also a realist, and I can see- and understand- exactly why Warner Bros. has no incentive to budge on this matter, and I think you need to join me on this side of things because to stay on your current course is to willingly frustrate yourself.

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23 thoughts on “Here’s The Main Reason We’re Not Going To Get That SNYDER CUT of JUSTICE LEAGUE

  1. This really is sad to think about. Disheartening, actually. As someone who stood by WB (and Zack) after BvS and told every naysayer that WB was not required to either follow the Marvel model nor its tone, to see what they did with the movie felt like treason. I know WB owes me nothing personally but still felt that way. I mean, it was the freaking Justice League movie! And it ended up feeling like an average Saturday morning cartoon plot (with Superman carrying a building included). But still, I can’t wait for Aquaman and I want it to succeed so badly. And it probably will. But I just can help to feel bummed that it’s going to be helped by the weakest movie of the series so far that, somehow, people liked more. And that the studio is going to take it as validation (with a movie while that struggles to break even) and the guy who actually built the whole thing is being shown the door (and being behind 4 financially successful films).

    1. I completely hear and understand where you’re coming from. It’s a lousy situation that should’ve been handled very differently, and a very long time ago.

      If they felt this way, it should’ve been handled after BvS and they should’ve delayed JL until everyone was on the same page.

      1. Totally. I mean, I wouldn’t have liked it, but I would have understood if after BvS news broke that filming was postponed in order to acomodate rewrites and/or that Zack Snyder was fired then (and Marvel did it with Edgar Wright so I don’t know if I believe that “it was too dificult” to fire him). At least the final product would have been cohesive.
        And a part of me believes reshoots could have been a good thing for Justice League… if someone didn’t start to change things for the sake of it, like Steppenwolf’s appearance (seriously, it’s a HUGE change! And it only hurt the movie) and retconning everything related to BvS (which ended with a world loving Superman’s memory, not “in a dark place”), which in turn altered the whole plot.
        Sorry about the last part, I was just venting. Sadly, what’s done is done.

    2. I’ve seen a few online accounts saying the same thing!
      They trusted the public statements from WB and its cast, debated with naysayers endlessly, then the movie opens, they feel cheated by WB, and now they don’t trust WB, which is very understandable.
      I don’t know if WB understand what they’ve done to their loyalists though, and Snyder’s news this week don’t help one bit.

      1. “I’m not sure many of them are WB loyalist or just Snyder’s”
        In this case, the line is very thin. I mean, a lot of those loyalists were those who actually enjoyed what Snyder did in BvS and wanted/expected the studio to let him deliver more of that (not the tone, but his idea for the world and the characters). I never wanted to believe that Snyder was fired and the death of his daughter was cover because, well, that’s a really crappy thing to do. I think I always expect better from people.
        But as you did, I started to get red flags when Danny Elfman was brought on board and downplayed the importance of Zimmer’s previous scores. That just doesn’t happen if you are following the same creative path.

      2. I think using Snyder’s daughter as cover’s kinda…sick, and it’s incredible neither Tsujihara nor Emmerich are leaving, unless Jon Berg was the one who used that as cover.

        like Diego said, the line between Snyder loyalists and the loyalists of this version is very thin. There are some Superman fans who just enjoyed Zack’s take…I for one loved Nolan’s series and enjoyed some of MOS, loved BvS UE and was ok with JL, but wished we could have seen Snyder’s vision played out…I don’t even like 300 lol. But I chose to be iffy about the whole “Affleck’s staying” situation and reshoots are minimal talk…but ya I would say at least half of loyalists trusting WB are Snyder fans.

      3. I like 300. Love Man of Steel. Like BvS a lot and JL too, but I do have issues with all the Snyder movies. MoS is my fave. Snyder has a certain style of storytelling that some people just don’t like.

      4. They have their work cut out for them in regards to winning back people’s trust. Maybe those asking for Snyder’s cut of JL are a minority, but still, not a lot of people saw JL in theaters and there’s, I think, a good percentage of people who didn’t like it that much. I guess we’ll know for sure in SDCC.

      5. Ya, can you imagine trusting a source, then proven dead wrong at the end because the source was outright lying?

        So Mario, you better be right about the MOS2 announcement and the extended cut, and Nightwing!


  2. I would say, “Never Say Never”. Richard Donner’s version of Superman II was always lurking in the background, and it eventually saw the light of day in 2006. Perhaps in 10-15 years it will come out as a companion piece / retrospective thingy. But in the initial 26 week Home Entertainment release, Nope. And by that time, the dust will have settled and people will have a better handle on whether the DCU was a successful endeavor.

  3. They should at the very least release the proper Whedon/Snyder Cut of say 2 hr 15min or something, because Tsujihara’s 2 hour mandate was just creatively stupid on all angles.

      1. What do you think Snyder feels about this? The guy has been liking Screenrant articles on Vero about his supposed cut of the film. Did Warner wanted Snyder booted off the project before filming began? I heard Johns vouched for him to remain the project.

      2. I’m sure he’s quite upset about it. The whole situation’s a mess. He had a load of ideas for where to take things, but they pulled the plug on him and peddled out a film that bore his name while not truly being HIS.

      3. This is a new one. If anything, I would have thought Johns would want him out, considering how vocal he was against Snyder’s vision.

      4. Was thinking/hoping that this could possibly happen this fall on the heals of Aquaman to drum up hype for that property. But I agree, the 2 hour mandate was wildly stupid for the first Justice League film ever.

      5. Agreed. I think we’ll get it at some point this year. Your idea for Aquaman’s release window is perfect, as it would be an ideal holiday gift purchase for people.

  4. “..because to stay on your current course is to willingly frustrate yourself.”

    Exactly. I don’t want to miserable, so I have to move on. But then I liked JL a lot. It’s not the greatest, but It’s a solid movie, IMO, I really enjoy it. However, I’d love to see an extended cut in the near future with those Superman deleted scenes added and some more good stuff that I’m sure there is. It’d make the film even better.

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